Thursday, November 15, 2007

For Just One Day

I just have to post this. I feel great love for all of you. Thank you!



Valerie said...

Thank you for that amazing video. I'm speechless. I wish you all the best, and admire your courage.

Rachel said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks so much for your comment! I feel like a ridiculous fool telling the entire world that my bank account went into the negative and I am now embracing new-age positive thinking as the solution. But if it can inspire one person (other than myself), then I feel better. :)

Lovingraw said...


That was awesome! I came to that point 3 months ago when I was tired of being unhappy and quit my financially secure job of 11 years without having a game plan... just trusting. It is not even new-age thinking... it is reality... the reality that you are creating. I want to email you more... beautiful video!

Anthony said...

This video was great...thank you for being so open with all of us. There are those who believe that the Universe is working to help them, and then there are those who believe that the Universe is conspiring to ruin their lives.

I had a rock-bottom moment about 4 years ago which was immeadiately followed by the best feeling of liberation ever, because you know that if you can get through something like this, everything else is (raw) pie...

Much love...great work so far!

vrajavala said...

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