Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Okay, as anticipated in my previous post, here is a little thinking-out-loud I did earlier in the day while feeling somewhat inspired and energized. It's a reflection upon the Abraham-Hicks writings I've been studying lately. I got pretty intense towards the end there. But it's just a thought process, just an attempt to wrestle with some different ideas, meaning it's totally open to change. And knowing me, change it will!

Now, here is a second recording I made a little later in the afternoon. This one is more specific to raw food; I talk about struggling with overeating and hunger. And in true Rachel fashion, I wax philosophical about the deeper meaning of hunger. I want to write on this in more depth, but for now, the audio gives some of my ideas on the subject. Oh, and there is a little error: in the middle I am talking about how cooked food makes you feel very full, and then I switch to talking about raw food as a constrast, but I accidentally say "cooked food" again. Whoops.

I just want to add the general caveat that I am in the early stages of raw food, with only 2 months under my belt here. So I am still struggling and transitioning, and that shows in my writings and ideas. But like I said in my initial post, I don't want to wait until I have it "together" to start putting myself out there. I want to expose myself in all my humanity, because I think the struggle can be a beautiful thing. Besides, I'm just too excited about this stuff to keep it to myself any longer!


wyldegirl said...

i apologize if this is a repeat, it looks like the first comment didn't go through. . . but i wanted to tell you rachel, that i love your musings and look forward to more- and understand the almost addictive and very fun newness of starting a blog with raw and life thoughts, as i recently began one as well.. .

so i appreciate all these energetic connections we're all sharing and only good things can come of it!
cheers, jenny

Andrea said...

Dear rachel raw, thank you so much for your courage to post your human struggles with food and life. I find my own swimming upstream to be lonely at times, since i feel like the only one questioning cooked food, the world, etc. I am drawing a lot of inspiration from your words. you are making a difference by letting the rest of us know what your world is like. good luck and i look forward to reading more!